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lass mich dein lakai sein in dieser nacht

my "weekend" started yesserday. 2 days off in a row! this is a rare occurrence.
yesserday was lunch at benihana, then to rosedale for my annual thong buying spree. i got 10 in assorted colours and prints and 2 uber-padded front-clasp bras. also hit the little anime store (tamodochi? can't remember, they have ads in city pages sometimes) and got the same badtz-maru shirt in short and long-sleeves.
today i went to target for random stuff and a few more lil prezzints for meez, got luce for lunch, got my sim card fixed so my dumb phone works again, then home to bust out some cracked glass in a big mural style painting to put up. yay, shattering......
now, choooooooooores...
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